Certified environmental management system

ISO 14001 is the globally accepted and applied standard for environmental management systems.

The certification of the HUBER Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015 confirms our sustainable thinking and acting.

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Our contribution to sustainable business


Sustainability, energy saving, CO2 balance, conservation of resources and much more are terms and requirements that we encounter and increasingly deal with on a daily basis.


It is becoming increasingly important not only to implement suitable measures consistently, but also to document and publish what has been achieved and what goals are set for the future.

Envases has been making exemplary progress here for a long time, for economic and ecological reasons.


Concrete measures are:


Minimization of waste generation

  • Recycling of all recyclable materials
  • Thermal oxidation in the printing / paint to prevent emissions
  • Utilization of waste heat from afterburning for heating and hot water and for cooling of plants and buildings (cold absorption)
  • Energy management certified according to ISO 50001, reduction of energy consumption
  • Green IT, e.g. Videoconferencing instead of car and air travel

Sustainability week with toom Baumarkt.

The Association of Metal Packaging, Kreislaufsystem Blechverpackungen Stahl GmbH and ThyssenKrupp Rasselstein in cooperation with toom Baumarkt have drawn attention to the advantages of recycling tinplate packaging for DIY products. As part of a sustainability week from 12 to 17 August, 2013 informative assemblies presented the topic "resource conservation through recycling" in the Germany-wide approximately 320 toom DIY stores.

DIY products in tinplate packaging - safely and sustainably packed


Painting, varnishing, renovation - anyone who swivels their own brushes at home will find varnishes, enamel paints, adhesives or protective glazes in various sizes and packaging at the hardware store. Consumers who want to do something for the environment at the time of purchase have made a good choice with tinplate packaging. No other material packs everything that needs special protection so safely and at the same time can be recycled so well. Because tinplate is 100 percent recyclable - infinitely often and without quality loss. The reason: tinplate is made of steel and can always be remodeled into different steel utensils. So used paint cans can be a car, a bicycle or even a tinplate canister for wood preservation glaze. In Germany, around 94 percent of all tinplate packaging is recycled. More than any other packaging. Toom Baumarkt has informed about the advantages of tinplate packaging as part of a nationwide action week focusing on sustainable products and the conscious use of natural resources.