Otto-Meister-Fundation huber packaging

1974 Otto Master founded on the occasion of his 70th birthday, the Otto-Meister Foundation with the purpose of the foundation's education and training of children and young people in Öhringen and the surrounding area, especially in the areas of promoting music and sports.


The Otto-Meister Foundation supported financially weaker and helps groups and individuals where state funds are not given. Especially gifted children and young people should be encouraged and rewarded for outstanding performance.


The allocation of funding is decided by the Board of Trustees and the Board of the Foundation.

Examples of projects supported by the Otto Meister Foundation:


  • Sports equipment for non-public kindergartens, gymnastics and sports clubs and other institutions
  • Instruments for orchestra, chapels and individuals
  • Training of instructors
  • Music therapy for behavior-impaired students
  • Study trips and biological excursions
  • Children's games and feasts
  • Youth-oriented exhibitions
  • Cooperation to prepare for the job
  • Minibuses for youth teams and groups for the trips to the venues
  • Children's playground in the Hofgarten on the occasion of the Landesgartenschau 2016 in Öhringen

Foundation Board:


Ulrich Lumpp (Chairman)

Martin Gseller (Deputy Chairman)






Otto-Meister-Str. 2

74613 Oehringen




Mailing adress:



Postfach 1240

74602 Oehringen

Tel: 07941/66253

Fax: 07941/668253