Day care center

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As early as 1962, the HUBER company (now Envases), under the direction of its former managing partner Otto Meister, made it possible to set up a "company kindergarten".


Today, more than 50 years later, shareholders, management and employees continue to commit to this in many ways proven and unique kindergarten, to enable women to reconcile work and family life.


In the early years, the day care center was housed in buildings in the city of Öhringen. Since June 1973 it is located in a company-owned house in the Zeppelinstraße 12 in Öhringen. Our facility was the first day care center in Öhringen. We are proud of that!


The day care center can accommodate 24 children of Envases employees. The children between the ages of three and ten are cared for by two full-time and two part-time teachers from 6:30 am to 4:30 pm, including lunch and homework help, as well as holiday care.


Our goal is, in collaboration with the families, to educate the children on behalf of their parents and for the benefit of the children. We offer you the opportunity to develop your personality in a family environment and to grow into independent, self-confident and sociable people.